Global Warmists Gone Wild!


There was a time when Meet the Press was considered the gold standard of weekend chatfests.  Now, it’s just another dumping ground for Democrat Party talking points.

Chuckles the Clown turned his show over to Nancy Pelosi’s latest ploy, subjecting viewers to an entire hour of global warmist pseudoscience claptrap; even proudly crowing about denying airtime to anyone who doesn’t adhere to the party line. So what if 50 year of warmists’ predictions have been wrong?

Forget about the immigration crisis; tune in to watch Californistan Governor Jerry Brown yammer about the so-called “climate crisis,” but neglect to address how his “sanctuary” policies just got a cop murdered by an illegal alien.  Today on Meet the Press: Science class with Governor Cop Killer!

As an aside, calling people outside the cult of global warming “climate deniers” is no less ridiculous than global warming. 

Tim Russert would be appalled.

Tim Russert would be appalled.