Buzzfeed's Big "If"

If Buzzfeed’s report alleging President Donald Trump personally directed Michael Cohen to lie under oath, then Trump is in real trouble. 

buzzfeed fired.PNG

If the unnamed sources who claim Trump personally directed Cohen to perjure himself are telling the truth, then Trump should start packing his bags.  If the two Buzzfeed reporters, Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier, who are now telling wildly different stories about what evidence they have actually seen, can get their stories straight, then Trump should be headed for Mar-a-Lago.  If Leopold, whose career in journalism makes Jayson Blair look like Edward R. Murrow, hasn’t splattered another pile of fake news across America’s windshield, then Trump can go ahead and take a long spring break.  If the allegation that Trump suborned perjury isn’t just another “Steele Dossier” fraud, then Trump can join former Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton in the lower-rent section of the Presidential pantheon.  If the House of Representatives don’t trip over their own feet, then Trump gets impeached.  If the Senate doesn’t split the bill, then Trump gets convicted.  That’s a lot of big “ifs.”

However, if Buzzfeed just pooped their own party – again – then the Democrats just tried to serve up yet another nothingburger.  That’s a big, bad, “if.”