Trump Gets 'em Again

I’m not sure what the Democrats expected from President Donald Trump’s primetime Tuesday address to the Nation, but their response made it abundantly clear they cribbed for the wrong exam.  Trump needed less than 15 minutes to spell out a rationale for a border wall; his short remarks filled with verified statistics, true – and terrible – stories, and some sharp examples of the hypocrisy guiding the left’s opposition to the wall.  He reminded us of the explosion in instances of illegal alien violence, including the tragic tales of Newman, CA police officer, and legal immigrant, Cpl. Ron Singh.  He noted the parasitic effect illegal alien labor imposes on less fortunate Americans, specifically the African-American community.  And he pointed out that the same liberal elite who have dug in against the wall live behind walls of their own. 

You mad? You mad.

You mad? You mad.

 And he caught the left, who spent the days prior to the address promising to tear apart Trump’s stream of lies, flatter than Alabama’s defense after the Clemson game.  Their fact-checkers, expected to work overtime, went home early.  Media flacks and lower-level politicians desperately tried to pull the handbrake, declaring the situation on our southern frontier a “fake crisis.”  Never mind that that assertion discounts the very real pain of the families of illegal aliens’ victims, but puts them at odds with themselves; as if we wouldn’t remember their Thanksgiving shrieking about the treatment of “caravan” participants.  Rising Congressional superstar Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumped the line to get on MSNBC and conflate all immigrants, like Cpl. Singh, with illegal aliens, like the one who murdered him.

 Amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the Chuck and Nancy show took the stage.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Californistan) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-Holding Nancy’s Purse) delivered the official Democrat Party response to Trump’s remarks; and oh. my. Lord.  Although Trump’s remarks eschewed soaring rhetoric for easily quantifiable facts and figures – by design, no doubt – Schumer and Pelosi yammered about – um – the Statue of Liberty? 

 Trump delivered his speech from the Oval Office.  Schumer and Pelosi chose not to create a similarly authoritative setting, such one of their lush offices, to squeeze awkwardly in behind a single podium.  Trump’s delivery was even-toned and direct.  Schumer and Pelosi, already hampered by wildly different speaking styles, came off like an out of tune duo on karaoke night at the airport Hilton.  Trump looked serious and in command.  Schumer looked like he’d rather be somewhere else, and Pelosi looked like she was somewhere else; the former glaring at the camera like a fat kid who just found out dinner was water and celery stalks, the latter jittering and working her jaw like a cocaine addict who just arrived at the business end of detox. 

 In the space of a half an hour, President Trump not only laid out a good enough case for a border wall that even liberal hate blog “Slate” called it “too effective for comfort,” while Minority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi laid out material for a million Twitter memes, depicting them as everything from disappointed parents to South Park characters.  By the time the talking heads retook the telecasts, the topic had shifted from the Democrats’ war on the border wall, to the Democrats’ command in that war.  Trump not only sold the wall, he dropped it on their heads, exposing them as too unprepared, or even uneducated, to discuss it.  And then, earlier this afternoon, when Chuck and Nancy took their act to the White House for a summit on the shutdown, Trump thumped them again.  When he asked about ending the shutdown in return for a “wall or steel barrier,” Pelosi delivered an unequivocal “no.”  So, Trump said “bye-bye,” and walked out, leaving them to deliver a bizarre presser in which they tried to frame the President’s refusal to abandon one of his primary campaign promises as a “temper tantrum.”  In less than 18 hours, Trump went up on them, 2-0.  He got ‘em Tuesday, and then he got ‘em again.