Tuesday, February 19

Putting today’s headlines in the crosshairs:

-          Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has announced he’ll be running for the Democrat Party’s 2020 Presidential nomination.  The ancient communist’s declaration means that not only is the Democrat clown car getting seriously crowded, but now it’s slow-rolling in the left lane, and the blinker is on.

Go around, ya hot-rodding whippersnappers!

Go around, ya hot-rodding whippersnappers!

-          Senator Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) Presidential ambitions are helping to shine a light on her past behavior.  The former Attorney General of California has recently come under fire for bragging about smoking pot despite her record of aggressively prosecuting marijuana offenders during her stint as AG.  Damn shame.  I’m just glad Tupac isn’t alive to see this. 

-          At CNN’s “town hall meeting” for Democratic Presidential candidate and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, the embattled Klobuchar excused her dictatorial abuse of staffers by claiming she only asks them to meet the same expectations she sets for herself.  Does that mean when she screws up, she pelts herself with office supplies?

-          Global warmists are warning California’s infrastructure may not be able to withstand a coming “ARkStorm,” or “Atmospheric River storm,” a cataclysmic weather event which floods the valleys of the Golden State every few hundred years or so.  Of course, they’re blaming “climate change;” although they haven’t explained what caused the previous iterations of the periodic weather events.  Was it dino SUVs?  My money’s on the Flintstone’s carbon footprint.

-          Liberals are abandoning the Jussie Smollett dumpster fire as quickly as they can come up with reasons why they shouldn’t be blamed for helping the little fraud start it.  With all the practice they’ve had getting out of their own messes, you’d think they’d be less terrible at it.  Hard not to notice liberal talking points age like bananas.

-          The Democrat/media complex is now warning people to wait for all the facts to come out before making any judgements about the Smollett debacle.  People who wear “MAGA” hats, the Covington kids, Justice Kavanaugh, the UVA Phi Kaps, Duke lacrosse team, and Paul Nungesser responded “Tell us about it."

-          According to anti-liberty activist David Hogg, “No one with a history of domestic violence should ever be able to purchase a firearm.”  He rambled on:  “The NRA disagrees with that because they want to sell more guns,” and “Because they profit off of mass shootings that cause gun sales to skyrocket.”  Sounds terrible, except that people with domestic violence convictions already can't buy guns, the NRA does not oppose that, the NRA does not sell guns – never has, and the NRA is a non-profit organization.   They’re like Planned Parenthood, except the NRA hasn't killed anyone.