Wednesday, February 20

Putting one more round in Wednesday’s headlines:

And the fake Oscar goes to…

And the fake Oscar goes to…

  • Chicago Police are reportedly now describing Jussie Smollett as a suspect for his alleged construction of an elaborate hoax in which he played the victim of a homophobic hate crime.  Smollett may still have a job on the TV show “Empire,” but it might get tricky to shoot his scenes from inside a cell. 

  • The saga of the “ISIS bride” continued this week, as Hoda Mothana, who left Alabama to join the islamofascist terrorist group, continued to beg to be allowed to come home.  The jihadi now claims to regret moving to the “caliphate,” and promises she’ll be good if allowed to return.  Well, I’m super-sorry terrorism camp sucks. 

  • Mothana has friends in high places, though.  The islamofascist hate group CAIR, which has been repeatedly linked to muslim terrorists, is taking up her case pro bono.  How long before Reps. Omar and Tlaib – both connected to CAIR, start singing her praises.  And how long after that before the other liberals notice what CAIR and ISIS both think should happen to LGBT people and women who don’t want to dress like beekeepers?

  • When left-wing hate group “” set up near the White House to protest against border security, their headline speaker was none other than disgraced liberal activist Nathan Phillips.  Irony meters spiked worldwide when a Fake combat veteran decried a “fake” border crisis.

  • Phillips wasn’t the only one getting his fraud on.  Senator Elizabeth Warren told an interviewer a border wall would be a “monument to hate,” and that troubles on the border are “fake.”  You’d think Fauxcahontas” would be better at spotting a phony.

  • Reports out of the swamp indicate Attorney General William Barr will announce the completion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 2 year long probe into Russian election hacking.  Considering leaks already suggest Mueller didn’t manage to link President Donald Trump to Russian electoral malfeasance, and Mueller hasn’t made use of a grand jury in nearly a month, sounds like the Democrats better get ready for disappointment.  Mueller's about to find out what life is like on the business end of the liberal rage mob. I’ll bet Adam Schiff is already drafting his denunciation.

  • President Trump’s announcement of a global effort to decriminalize homosexuality is being met with pushback from – LGBT supporters?  Multiple gay rights groups are demonizing Trump’s plan, because – um – reasons?  The far left “Human Rights Campaign” even asserted, without evidence, that Trump has “consistently worked to undermine the fundamental equality of LGBTQ people.”  Liberals embracing homophobia to own the cons.  It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

  • Liberals are outraged that struggling news net CNN has hired longtime Republican player Sarah Isgur as a political editor in advance of the 2020 campaign.  Their main bone of contention: Isgur is a professional political operative, not a journalist.  Sounds like she’ll fit right in.

  • Among those feeling the butthurt over CNN’s personnel move: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who shrieked “are we still pretending that hires like these are evidence of a meritocracy?”  Apparently, Chiquita Khrushchev is unaware that CNN isn’t a “meritocracy.”  She ought to count herself lucky that Congress isn’t, either.  When did the Democrats decide attacking the media is kosher?  I thought criticizing our brave journalists was a threat to the Republic.