Monday, 25 February

“If we kill all the hungry people, then we won’t need food.  It’s a brilliant plan!”

“If we kill all the hungry people, then we won’t need food. It’s a brilliant plan!”

  • With socialism (communism) surging to control of the Democrat Party, their ideological brethren in Venezuela are giving the world a live look at what kind of paradise socialism has in store for the world.  The illegitimate Maduro regime did their part when they opened fire on an aid convoy trying to deliver food to the starving nation, destroying trucks filled with food and medicine, and killing a 14-year old, among others.  American Democrats overlooked the violence, probably because it jibes nicely with their new belief in post-birth abortion.

  • As socialism turns Venezuela into a failed state, socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (S-VT) of Vermont is worried that “The people of Venezuela are enduring a serious humanitarian crisis.” Grandpa Potemkin neglected to mention how the people of Venezuela could be3 enduring a humanitarian crisis after 13 years of his beloved socialism.

  • Not all the Democrats are feelin’ the Bern about Venezuela.  Multiple Democrat heavyweights, including Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D-of course) objected to Sanders’ condemnation of the Maduro regime’s excesses, with Murphy claiming the humanitarian aid convoys are actually a secret plot to lay “a pretext for war.”  Good plan, Democrats.  Side with the homicidal communists who have turned a resource-rich paradise into another communist hellhole. 

  • President Donald Trump wants to throw a “bigly” party for America.  He’s planning a monster bash for July 4th – a purely coincidental choice, no doubt.  Imma suggest a title: “Independence Day.” 

  • The Democrats don’t like Trump’s 4th of July plans. Nice to see them taking a break from cheering the dictator shooting people in Venezuela for trying to feed the starving victims of socialism.

  • Disgraced former Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) crawled out from under his rock to whine that Trump makes him all misty for the good old days of President George W. Bush.  Yeah, the good old days, before Reid’s abhorrent behavior cost his party the Senate Majority.

  • During a bizarre livestreamed rant from her kitchen, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (S-NY) declared opponents of her “Green New Deal” should remain silent, because she’s “the boss” now.  The silly communist also questioned whether “it’s ok to have children” amidst a “climate crisis.”  While someone should explain to Chiquita Khrushchev that being a Congresswoman makes her the “boss” of no one, I think we can all support Chiquita Khrushchev and the other global warmists not having kids. 

  • The leftist rag “The New Republic” jumped on the AOC express, suggesting having children is “immoral,” and asking “If the looming 12-year deadline to confront climate change is missed, what purpose could life have in the face of an unavoidable, collective downfall?”  On an equally science-y note, if evil space lizards from Neptune invade this weekend, what effect will that have on St. Patrick’s Day?

  • Off to the Connecticut state indoor track and field championships, where the top two spots in the girls’ 55-meter dash were claimed by transgender athletes.  I’m sure letting boys compete in the girl’s events seems like a good idea; at least, it will, until dudes in drag dominate everything in women’s sports.

  • And, the 2019 Academy Awards are in the books.  Some people won some stuff, and Spike Lee threw a tantrum.  Beyond that – I got nuthin’.