Tuesday, March 12

What? Me, Worry?

What? Me, Worry?

  • The Obama Administration’s efforts to protect Hillary Clinton from justice may have gone farther than even her biggest detractors were aware.  According to a new report by the Washington Examiner, disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page told Congress that the FBI was considering charging Mrs. Clinton with “gross negligence” for her infamous mishandling of classified information, but the Justice Department – then headed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch – squashed the investigation.  I guess Lynch and Hillary’s husband really did discuss more than just golf and grandkids during that meeting on the tarmac.

  • When anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar faced some fire from the left last week for equating former President Obama’s “caging of kids” and “droning of countries around the world” with President Donald Trump, she returned to familiar rhetorical territory to slither free.  As the scandal-plagued Omar explained the difference between Obama and Trump: "One is human. The other is really not."  To be fair to Omar, she has always had trouble pronouncing "untermensch."

  • Omar’s BFF, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez enjoyed some headlines of her own.  The commie cutie-pie, still reeling from a campaign finance scandal, falsely attacked one of the individuals who helped break the story about her shady fiscal dealings; and then followed up by inciting the liberal rage mob by calling Republicans enemies of the State, gleefully tweeting: “It’s been GOP vs. the people of the United States for almost my entire life.” We all know how this story ends: on a baseball field, with a liberal shooting at Republican Congresspersons.

  • Another of Rep. Omar’s friends – Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini – made some waves of his own on Twitter.  Khameini went full “#MeToo,”: “Western civilization’s major sin committed against women cannot be erased anytime soon, nor can it be compensated for or even elaborated on.”  Why can’t we be more feminist, like Iran, where they literally flog women in public for showing too much ankle?

  • A major scandal in high education as multiple universities, including Ivy League schools like Yale, have been caught up in a pay-to-play scam.  Wealthy parents have been arrested for their part in a scheme which involved as much as $25,000,000 in bribes to score admission for their children.  Imagine dropping that kind of cash on indoctrinating your kid into liberal dogma.  They could’ve saved themselves $24,999,997; Amazon sells copies of the Communist Manifesto for 3 bucks.

  • Meanwhile, those same schools will continue to profit off their athletes’ likenesses while ruining their lives if they accept a free meal at McDonald’s.  They might as well just make college free; it’s already worth that much.

  • Someone remind the ACLU that all the civil liberties in the world don’t mean squat if you’re dead.  The self-proclaimed defenders of our civil liberties has taken up the anti-life cause, releasing a “hit list” of states in which the lives of the unborn are still considered worth defending.  The group specifically targeted Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee as “states trying to ban abortion.”  They say that like it’s a bad thing.