Monday, March 18

“A seat on the Supreme Court? OK, but it’s gonna cost ya, Harv.”

“A seat on the Supreme Court? OK, but it’s gonna cost ya, Harv.”

  • The terrorist attack in New Zealand has reinvigorated the anti-liberty mob in the United States. According to the gun-grabbers, the massacre in Christchurch is proof that the United States needs to revamp its gun laws to ban ownership of AR-15s. Disarming law-abiding Americans to protect against terrorists? I feel safer already. And why not? That logic has worked wonders in Europe.

  • 2020 candidates, and US Senators, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren have all indicated they hope to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Unable to win the elections required to stack the court with anti-liberty activists, the Democrat leadership pivots to their default strategy: cheat.

  • Gillibrand took her campaign’s anti-liberty message to new territory, telling a small group of supporters that “gun manufacturers only care about gun sales.” And that they “oppose universal background checks because they want to sell an assault rifle to a teenager in a Walmart. Or to someone on the terror watch list or to someone who's gravely mentally ill.”  Gillibrand, who is already trailing the field by a wide margin, declined to define “gravely mentally ill.”  Does she mean it like “thinks Walmart sells guns to teenagers” mentally ill, or more like “Gillibrand has a real chance” mentally ill?

  • Failed Senate – and current Presidential - aspirant Robert “Beto” O’Rourke told an audience Monday that he supports abortion throughout pregnancy, including right up to the moment of birth.  That’s gonna cost him.  The new Democrat litmus test requires support for post-birth abortion.

  • Liberals were devastated when Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar introduced his boyfriend to Vice President Mike Pence over the weekend, and Pence behaved like a perfect gentleman, just like he does all the time.  It’s not that they object to the same-sex pairing, but that Pence didn’t. 

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is facing declining poll numbers nationwide, and she knows why.  According to the communist cutie-pie, who recently celebrated stealing 25,000 jobs and billions of dollars from the people of her home state, those who object to her harebrained schemes like the “green new deal” do so because they’re racist.  I’m sure it’s not at all related to her brazen support of a political theology that has killed more people than AIDS.

  • Disgraced ex-newsreader Dan Rather reappeared this week to inform CNN pundit Brian Stelter that Twitter threatens the public’s access to facts.  According to Rather, the entire platform is a “manure spreader in a windstorm.”  I’m sure Rather misses the good ol’ days, when people had to take his word for it.  I’m sure Mary Mapes does, too.

  • Democrat Party operative Donna Brazile has apparently landed on her feet.  The one-time DNC chair, who was caught trying to rig debates for Hillary Clinton in 2016, has reportedly signed a deal with Fox News to provide commentary for the upcoming elections.  For the 2020 cycle, the part of Alan Colmes will be played by Donna Brazile.