Kill the Electoral College, and Kill America

Friedrich Hayek can suck it!

Friedrich Hayek can suck it!

During the recent “town hall” provided to her by CNN, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) declared war on one of the oldest and most vital electoral requirements protecting our republic from tyranny.  As the appreciative audience cheered, Warren claimed it is high time for America to “get rid of the Electoral College.” Warren is hardly blazing a new trail with her push to undo the process which has endured for two and a half centuries.  However, though liberal calls to rig Presidential elections in their favor have floated around since well before Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election – just ask Al Gore - the Democrats have recently ramped up their demands that the Electoral College be eliminated.  Their goal, of course, is to ensure that they won’t get tripped up by any pesky Constitutional rules on their way to reshaping the Country in their own image.  But their folly won’t just drastically reshape the Republic; it will destroy it.  Mark my words: the day we eliminate the Electoral College will be the day we measure America for her casket.

Terminating the Electoral College would, by both effect and necessity, require the subjugation of the unique needs of different states to the demands of the largest.  The soy latte set would be able to dictate terms to the soy farming set.  Karl Marx called that the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” the second step on the road to communism.  Friedrich Hayek responded by noting "the individual would more than ever become a mere means, to be used by the authority in the service of such abstractions as the 'social welfare' or the 'good of the community'." 

Under an electoral scheme without an electoral college, the residents of small, rural states would become slaves to the whims of their larger, more heavily populated neighbors.  Presidential candidates could win control of the Oval Office without so much as setting foot between eastern California and western Pennsylvania.  Considering their belief that illegal aliens and felons should vote, so-called “sanctuary” states and cities would undergo massive swells in their voting public, becoming political singularities; demographic gravity wells from which the light of liberty would have no chance of escape.

In the short term, the Presidency would devolve into a hood ornament for coastal liberalism.  With “red” state residents powerless to challenge their chosen candidate, the Democrats would simply choose the President in caucus.  The Commander-in-Chief would be the product of a meeting to which almost no Americans were privy.  The same population spikes which cemented “blue” states’ control of the White House would also give those states a prohibitive advantage in the House of Representatives. 

In the long term, the Union would fracture along partisan and geographic lines.  Aware that their Presidential, and even House, ballots were afterthoughts, conservatives would instead coalesce behind increasingly partisan Senators and Governors.  Even flyover country moderates would begin to list to the right, if only because politicians on the right would be the only ones who visited.  Democrat-controlled cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Minneapolis would become crime- and poverty-ridden exclaves before disappearing, as their populations migrated to the liberal utopia on the coasts, which themselves would become overcrowded parentheses enclosing a sentence politically unrecognizable to the increasingly strident left.  The road to secession is a short stroll from there.

Far greater minds than Warren’s have cautioned against what John Stuart Mill called the “tyranny of the majority.”  But citing thinkers like Mill, Alexander Hamilton, the aforementioned Hayek, and their timeless warnings against a system "which bases its claim to rule upon numbers, not upon rightness or excellence,” produces no effect on snake-oil salespeople like Warren, to say nothing of the people who continue to take her seriously. 

To put it in perspective for the anti-Electoral College set: Electing a President is like ordering pizza.  For a few friends, it’s an uncomplicated affair.  Ignore that one guy who always wants something weird or inedible, like anchovies or pineapple, and a small group can come up with a pie for everyone.  But what if “a few friends” is 330 million people?  Who’s going to tell the pineapple and anchovies guys that they’re out of luck?  What about the vegans, or the poor saps who won’t eat gluten?  They can’t very well go hungry, so they’re left with the unpalatable at best, or inedible at worst.  Alternatively, they can go find a different restaurant, and ultimately, new friends.  Eliminating the Electoral College is tantamount to telling close to half the country to starve, or leave. Either way, America dies.