Wednesday, March 20

“Let’s see McCain clap back to this!”

“Let’s see McCain clap back to this!”

  • Politicians, including Democrat Presidential candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) lined up Wednesday to mark the 16th anniversary of the Iraq War by criticizing the decision to launch it, and by demanding the removal of US troops from various hotspots in the Mideast and across the globe.  Where was this concern for the safety of our troops when Trump called for a withdrawal from Syria? 

  • President Donald Trump ramped up his criticism of former Senator John McCain this week.  The President, who has made no bones about his mutual dislike with the late GOP standard-bearer, even sniffed about being slighted over the preparations for McCain’s funeral – to which Trump was pointedly not invited.  The Democrats are self-destructing, their 2020 field is a dumpster fire, and the economy is booming.  Now’s the perfect time to pick a fight with a dead guy!

  • 88-year-old former Senator and Presidential candidate Mike Gravel is reportedly considering a run for the 2020 roses. Biden and Bernie are older than color tv, so it makes sense the next Dem in should be older than black & white tv. If Hillary gets in, the "woke" field's average age will be "AARP."

  • Welp, you had a good run, freedom in the UK. A British journalist is facing hate crime charges, and a potential jail sentence for ”misgendering” someone.  Caroline Farrow is looking at 2 years in Her Majesty’s pokey after she referred to a “transgendered” person as “he” during an appearance on ITV's Good Morning Britain.  You don't even wanna know what the penalty is for forgetting that we have always been at war with Eastasia.

  • British Prime Minister Theresa May, unable to iron out the details for “Brexit,” has floated the idea of a 3-month delay in implementing the UK’s escape from the EU.  Meanwhile, opponents of the “Brexit” vote are now claiming it could run off 7,000 finance jobs.  “Only 7000?  Amateurs.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  • And, as the scandal of wealthy liberals bribing their kids’ way into college unfolds, one of America’s more prestigious schools has found itself in a scandal of its own. NYU is under fire for hiring disgraced left wing blogger Talia Levin as a professor. Levin, best known for losing her job at the New Yorker after falsely accusing a disabled veteran of having a Nazi tattoo, has more recently plied her trade for discredited hate group Media Matters for America. No wonder the Democrats want college to be free; it’s worth every penny.