Joe and Stacey: A Misfire

I thought YOU were the “smart” one!

I thought YOU were the “smart” one!

If the rumors are true, former Vice President Joe Biden is going to lock down the Democrats’ 2020 Presidential nomination by jumping into the race with a running mate already in tow.  Reports, spurred by their recent meetings, indicate that Biden plans to tap failed Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to ride shotgun.  While the Democrat/media complex is already hailing the match as a sure bullseye, it’s a bad misfire.

It seems like a good match.  Biden embodies the antithesis of the Democrats’ proclaimed demographic direction.  He’s a wealthy, white, man who’s older than color television.  Despite his seconding for former President Barack Obama, Biden hardly cuts an impressive figure on his own.  Socially awkward, and given to inappropriate physical contact with women, the former Delaware Senator is known for his odd, gaffe-prone, public behavior.  It’s fair to say that without his bromance with Obama, Biden would be no more noteworthy as a politician than anyone who managed to hang on in Washington well past their expiration date; Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) with less believable hair. 

Enter Ms. Abrams.  Where Biden is old – he’ll turn 78 just days after Election Day 2020 – The 45-year-old Abrams is firmly ensconced in middle age.  Where Biden is wealthy, Abrams has the fiscal sense of a teenager with an unsecured credit card.  Her personal financial problems, including getting herself in serious arrears with the IRS, have dogged her since her days in the Georgia state legislature. And where Biden is white guy, Abrams is – well – not. 

Both are liberal, although Biden’s liberalism is more of the “limousine” type.  For all his off-putting utterances, Biden is eminently likeable, a characteristic the Democrats found severely lacking in their 2016 offering.  Offsetting Biden’s “creepy-but-loveable great uncle” routine with Abrams’ social-justice-warrior humorlessness seems like a no-brainer.  Biden is routinely daffy, Abrams is routinely dour.  In a reversal of roles from Biden’s performance as Obama’s side man, a Biden-Abrams ticket would present the friend-to-all-Americans up front, with the serious wonkishness in the navigator’s seat.

However, Abrams may be more of an anchor than first mate.  Biden needs a running mate who can fill in the holes from his routinely substance-free policy statements.  Abrams, who failed to learn which counties are in her own state, is no policy heavyweight.  Her gubernatorial defeat didn’t merely expose a lack of substance on the serious issues, it exposed an almost total lack of understanding of even basic questions.  Her threats of an “undocumented blue wave” and bizarre, rambling, response to the State of the Union earlier this year indicate she will be no better on the national stage than Biden; and certainly not a thoughtful sidekick who lends gravitas to the flighty Biden.  Moreover, considering Biden’s advanced age, the idea of the sudden Presidency of a politician whose last win was an unopposed campaign for a seat in the Georgia state House makes John McCain’s 2008 selection of Sarah Palin seem like a carefully measured decision. 

A campaign war chest filled to overflowing with out-of-state money and celebrity endorsements couldn’t buy a victory for a candidate who made a practice of insulting the electorate.  She sneered at white people, gun owners, and even farmers, on the way to defeat.  Since now-Governor Brian Kemp showed her to the loser’s table, she has spent nearly all of her public time whining about it, including incessantly claiming without evidence that votes for her were suppressed.   Her abrasive, easily offended, victim complex couldn’t turn Georgia blue, and her continued assertions that she was martyred by a statewide conspiracy certainly won’t return it from the red.  Give her a chance to try out her “people shouldn’t have to go into make a living” material on the people of AG-heavy states like Iowa and Wisconsin, and the national response would likely reflect the one she got in the Peach State.  A few minutes of Abrams’ self-involved whining would make Wisconsin nostalgic for the good old days of 2016, when the Democrats simply ignored them.

On paper – and social media – Abrams seems the perfect foil for Biden.  She checks all the “woke” boxes beyond the reach of a near-octogenarian man of privilege.  But a deeper examination reveals that Abrams is as paper – and social media – thin as her skin.  Her skin, of course, is being touted as an asset, a common token-scented ploy amongst Democrat strategists; one which smacks more of racism than they’d probably like to admit.  She is a near-perfect example of the Democrats’ implosion which began in 2016.  The far-left activists who have taken control of the Democratic Party like Abrams.  The media likes Abrams.  The pollsters like Abrams.  Joe Biden, evidently, likes Abrams.  They all said the same thing about Hillary Clinton.