Thursday, March 21

Instead of pretending to be a governor, Imma pretend to be Vice President!

Instead of pretending to be a governor, Imma pretend to be Vice President!

  • Breaking news from the campaign trail: As yet unannounced candidate – and former Vice President – Joe Biden may be looking to slam the door on the other contenders before they can get through it.  Rumors are swirling that Biden intends to tap failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams as his running mate from the jump.  While the Democrat/media complex is hailing the move as a winner, others point to Abrams’ difficult time accepting the results of her last election.  It all depends on whether she’s willing to resign from her current position as GA's imaginary governor to accept Biden’s offer.

  • Elsewhere, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s run for the Democrats’ 2020 roses took a weird(er) turn Wednesday night.  During one of CNN’s “town halls,” the long-shot Hickenlooper retold the story of the time he went to see an X-rated movie – with his mother.  Bernie: I'm the creepiest dude ever to seek the Democratic nomination.  Beto: Hold my soy latte and watch this!  Hickenlooper: Hold my lotion and - um - you might not want to watch this.

  • The liberal hate group MoveOn is flexing a little campaign muscle.  The organization, started for the purpose to shield former President Bill Clinton from being penalized for perjuring himself, has issued a public demand to Democratic contenders that they refuse to communicate with the Jewish-American advocacy group AIPAC.  I’m not saying the Democrats have an anti-Semitism problem, but when their base is rallying to keep them from even talking to Jews, well, if the goofy mustache and jodhpurs fit..

  • The anti-liberty mob in the US cheered the decision by New Zealand to ban semi-automatic firearms in the wake of the Christchurch terrorist attack.  Wait until they decide to outlaw murder.  Then all their problems will be solved - just like in Chicago!

  • Senator Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) White House plans go well beyond the Oval Office.  The also-running candidate teased an audience this week with his dreams of marrying new girlfriend Rosario Dawson in the White House, which would make him the first to do it since Grover Cleveland, nearly a century and a half ago.  Of course, Booker didn’t mention the tricky detail that the White House is likely to be occupied.  I know it won't break Cleveland’s streak, but maybe Trump will let "T-Bone" get hitched in the Rose Garden during his second term.

  • Liberal hackles were raised Thursday when President Donald Trump tweeted "It is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights."  In addition to the usual liberal anti-Semitism, outrage centered on what the Democrats claim is Trump's interference in Israeli politics. Remember how outraged they were when Obama used our taxpayer dollars to try and sink Netanyahu's campaign? The Democrats don't.

  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) isn't letting her impeachment fantasies die. The California Congresswoman, apparently dissatisfied with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's clampdown on such talk, took her beef to the Nation Thursday, whining "only a few of us dare to continue to impeach this dangerous President. The public needs to demand!"  According to the data, "the public" wants nothing to do with Waters.  But by all means, keep at it. Maybe even run for President!

  • Leading Democrats like Senators Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders have found a new crisis to fret about. It seems there's a shortage of affordable housing, and they want to devote up to $45 billion annually to subsidize rent and housing. Before we start burning the public's money, have they considered letting people bunk in with them? I mean, Bernie owns 3 houses. How many poor people can fit in that space?

  • Well, freedom in the United Kingdom, looks like you had a good run.  MP Scott Mann, responding to the spike in knife violence which accompanied the UK’s crackdown on firearms, wants to require all knives in the nation to be fitted with GPS trackers.  Downside: your kitchen drawer will be classified a weapon of mass destruction.  Upside: you’ll never lose a butter knife again. 

California’s waterways are so polluted, Governor Gavin Newsom is proposing sticking Golden State residents with a $10 monthly fee to fund cleanup efforts in the smog-beset state.  Since it's such a shining beacon of liberal theology in practice, you'd expect Californistan to be less of a dump.