Tuesday, March 26

Obama/Smollett 2020?

Obama/Smollett 2020?

  • Tuesday’s top story: Actor Jussie Smollett has escaped any consequences for his construction of a massive hate crime hoax to boost his tv show salary.  Despite video evidence, receipts, and even the personal check Smollett wrote to his co-conspirators, Smollett’s powerful friends appear to have saved him.  Multiple sources are now reporting Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx, who claimed to have recused herself from the case, appears to have been pressured by former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff Tina Tchen to kill the case.  It’s a damn shame how a gay, black, liberal, actor can't get a fair shake.

  • Smollett insisted Tuesday "I've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one,” despite undeniable evidence that he has been dishonest and self-contradictory on every single level since day one.  Even Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel blasted the actor’s slithering mendacity.  When Rahm Emanuel is questioning your integrity, you need to seek help.

  • After all the hype about the planet having less than a dozen years to survive, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the global warmists’ so-called “Green New Deal” died in the Senate today.  The non-binding resolution failed 57-0, with 43 Democrats voting only “present,” and 4 joining the GOP majority in killing the global warmist fan fiction.  I guess that 12-year deadline is more of a guideline than an actual rule.

  • More bad news for AOC and the global warmists: According to NASA scientists, the Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier, previously cited as one of the fastest-melting on the planet, has been growing since 2016, thanks to cooling ocean temperatures.  You might want to hold off on that apocalypse party for a while. 

  • In the wake of the Mueller Report debacle and collapse of the Democrats’ primary narrative, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has reportedly been lobbying her colleagues behind the scenes to open House investigations into whether President Donald Trump committed any impeachable offenses.  Right, Mueller couldn’t make it work, but I’m sure Congressjihadi “Motherf*cker” will pull it off.

  • Senator Kamala Harris’s 2020 Presidential bid hit a bump when she welcomed representatives from AIPAC to her office “to discuss the need for a strong U.S.-Israel alliance, the right of Israel to defend itself, and my commitment to combat anti-Semitism in our country and around the world,” enraging members of her own party.  I don’t want to say the Democrats have an anti-Semitism problem, but their rank and file just hurled enough hate for Jews at Harris to kickstart a 4th Reich.

  • Among the esteemed diplomats leading the Taliban’s negotiating team in Qatar: the 5 terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay by former President Barack Obama in return for disgraced turncoat Bowe Bergdahl.  This news comes despite assurances by Obama that the 5 murderers would never return to “leadership” positions in the islamofascist terror organization.  Another proud accomplishment, brought to you by the “scandal-free” Obama regime.

  • And, the leftist site “Raw Story” has cracked the Trump-Russia collusion case where Mueller failed.  The liberal hate blog riled up the natives with a breaking report entitled: “Trump entertains Russian hockey player and Putin ally in the White House.”  What they left out of that clickbait header: the “Putin ally” is Alex Ovechkin, and he’s the captain of the Stanley Cup-winning Washington Capitals, who were ALL invited to the White House in recognition of their championship.  To be fair to “Raw Story,” the beta males in that place wouldn’t know that.  The only sport they follow is “quidditch.”