Tuesday, April 2

Facts are “islamophobic!”

Facts are “islamophobic!”

  • New York City is through with free speech.  Brooklyn City Councilman Kalman Yeger has been booted from the city’s immigration committee after tweeting that there is no such place as a “Palestinian state,” raising the ire of leading anti-Semites like “Women’s March” fuhrer Linda Sarsour.  The Jewish Yeger remains unrepentant, mostly because he’s right. 

  • Speaking of anti-Semites, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is back in the spotlight this week.  The rising liberal star is facing allegations she misused thousands in campaign funds, including a payment to her divorce lawyer.  So, she finally decided to end things with her brother?  If those two kids can’t make it in this crazy world, who can? 

  • President Donald Trump raised some eyebrows Tuesday when he lambasted Puerto Rican authorities for wasting billions in federal disaster aid.  The President’s tirade came after Senate Democrats gunned down a bill to provide aid to farmers in places like Georgia and the Midwest because it “only” contained a further $600 million for the graft- and incomptetence-riddled Puerto Rican relief efforts.  Maybe instead of shrieking at the President, they could do more than print up more stupid t-shirts while ignoring pallets of fresh water wasting away in the sun.

  • With former Vice President, and likely 2020 Presidential contender, Joe Biden reeling from allegations of repeated unwanted contact with women, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rode to the old boy’s rescue, claiming the increasingly long list of accusers isn’t “disqualifying” for Biden’s candidacy.  Shorter Nancy: “It’s not ‘disqualifying’ when Democrats do it.”

  • The LAPD spent a good part of Tuesday searching for the man whom they believed to be responsible for the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle.  The suspect, who was eventually apprehended, was identified as one “Eric Holder” of Los Angeles.  No, not that Eric Holder.  This one has a much lower body count. 

  • The police also indicated they were seeking Holder’s getaway driver, an unidentified woman.  No word as of press time whether her name was Loretta Lynch.  Either way, homeboy should have run as Fast and Furious as he could have

  • With anti-liberty hate groups furious over the Federal Court ruling that California’s ban on standard-capacity magazines violates the 2nd Amendment, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra begged for a stay in recognizing the order.  Becerra needs the distraction to avoid addressing the wave of violent crime plaguing California, thanks to the state’s “sanctuary” policy for illegal aliens.