Monday, April 29

“That’s not ‘full Ilhan.’  THIS is ‘full Ilhan!’”

“That’s not ‘full Ilhan.’ THIS is ‘full Ilhan!’”

The Democrat/media complex didn’t take it too well when President Donald Trump noted the Democrats’ desire to make executing newborns legal.  According to the left, nobody wants to murder babies if they survive an abortionist’s murder attempt.  Apparently, they haven’t met Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA).  How did they miss him explicitly endorsing post-birth “abortion?”  Probably distracted by blackface.

The New York Times is all in on the Democrat Party’s new embrace of anti-Semitism.  Following an uproar after they printed a grotesquely anti-Semitic cartoon in their international edition, the former “paper of record” apologized – before printing another anti-Semitic cartoon.  Out: going “full Democrat.”  In: going “full Ilhan.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s trouble with keeping his hands to himself around the ladies brought out an unexpected defender: former sitcom actress Alyssa Milano claims Biden’s not a creep, he “was raised in a family that was super affectionate."  Far be it for me to question the expertise of “Sam” from “Who’s the Boss,” but there’s “super affectionate,” and then there’s “reason to call DFACS.”

A week after taking a drubbing for siding with VA incompetence over veteran’s own experiences, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doubled down, declaring reports of problems with the agency a “myth.”  Veteran of 2-for-1 night at the craft brewery to veterans of actual war: “drop dead.”

Following the terrorist attack on a synagogue in Poway, California, failed Georgia governor wannabe Stacey Abrams decided to weigh in for some reason, demanding “we must stamp out anti-Semitism.”  Given her personal friendship with vicious anti-Semites like Women’s* March fuhrer Linda Sarsour, she should consider “stamping” close to home.

As if Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign isn’t floundering enough already, his effort to bolster his street cred by meeting with disgraced race huckster Al Sharpton didn’t do him any favors.  And Petey made it worse when he had to ask Sharpton whether it’s cool to eat fried chicken with his hands.  Yes, Petey.  That’s how all the poors eat it.