Tuesday, May 14

“Come on, baby! At least lemme smell your hair a little.”

“Come on, baby! At least lemme smell your hair a little.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still well out in front of the Democrats’ 2020 field, but he’s taking fire – from his own side.  After Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), speaking to an event organized by the far-left hate group “Sunrise Movement,” blasted “conservatives on both sides of the aisle” for refusing to consider her borderline-science-fiction “Green New Deal, her minions did not deny the communist cutie-pie was aiming specifically at Biden.  You had to know this was coming.  Biden predates the original New Deal, whereas Chiquita Khrushchev post-dates Biden’s original election to the Senate.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s “reintroduction” is going about as well as the first effort.  The once-hyped Democratic presidential contender showed up on “The View,” and the appearance did not go well. O’Rourke stammered through an explanation of his privileged background, even occasionally switching from English to “Spanglish” in an effort to dodge questions.  He did swear that he doesn’t smoke pot.  Wait, you’re telling me he’s just like that?  

Senator Elizabeth Warren made quite the stink of refusal an invitation to appear in a “town hall” on Fox News, blasting the network as “hate for profit racket.” Warren’s real reason for dodging the invite soon became clear, however.  With her campaign faltering badly, she turned the retreat into a fundraising tool, asking people to donate to her as a reward for hiding.  Asking people to pay her to stay off Fox News? How about we take up a collection and pay her to stay off all media – forever?

The Mueller investigation may be history, but there’s a new sheriff in town, and the Democrats are not happy about it.  Attorney General William Barr has tapped federal prosecutor John Durham to look into the increasingly suspect origins of the Mueller probe, touching off shrieks of outrage by liberals, who claim Durham is President Donald Trump “weaponizing” the Department of Justice for partisan purposes.  The guys who spent most of the last decade using the DoJ and IRS as artillery are suddenly opposed to that sort of thing, huh?  If you’re skeered, say you’re skeered.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced his intention to join the Democrats’ already-crowded presidential field, although his opening statement, in which he stammered for nearly 90 seconds when asked to name his accomplishments as governor, was a little rough.   After “Beto’s” superfail, why not squeeze another clown into the car? It’s not going anywhere at this point, anyway.