Monday, May 20

Whatever you do, don’t drink it.

Whatever you do, don’t drink it.

After banking on “climate change” as the key issue to secure the election, Australian liberals were shocked when voters down under overwhelmingly rejected global warmism, delivering a win to the conservative coalition over the Labor Party, despite two years of polls suggesting Labor would win in a landslide.  Turns out, Aussies think as highly of crushing the economy over science fiction as Americans are.  “We can name that tune in 304 electoral college votes.” – Americans

Contending with nearly two dozen competitors for the Democrats’ 2020 nomination, former Vice President, and current frontrunner, Joe Biden told a small audience that America has him to thank for the pace of the economy: “President Trump inherited an economy from Obama-Biden.” Biden left out the part where Obama promised Trump’s plans would lead to economic ruin.  Calling his old boss a liar is certainly one way to set himself apart from the field.

Biden’s competition started picking up the pace over the weekend.  Current 2nd placeholder Bernie Sanders declared over the weekend “If we are a nation that can pay baseball players hundreds of millions of dollars, don't tell me we can't afford to pay teachers the salaries they deserve.”  Furthermore, if we are a Nation that can pay self-proclaimed socialists enough to amass a 7-figure net worth and multiple homes without working in the private sector, don't tell me we can't - oh wait, Bernie was going for something different, wasn't he?

Billionaire investor Robert Smith gave the graduating class at Morehouse College the greatest grad gift of all time: he announced during the ceremony that he would be paying off all the student loan debt of each of the graduating seniors.  Democrats were quick to claim the gesture supports their plan to force US taxpayers to cover all other college students’ bills, although they must have missed the part about how Smith wasn’t forced at gunpoint.

The Democrat/media complex howled with outrage over the death of a Guatemalan child who was apprehended at the US border.  According the open-borders enthusiasts, the kid was killed by Trump administration immigration policy, and not – say – liberals luring illegal aliens to put their children’s lives at risk to cash in on empty promises.  I wonder if some kind of barrier or bulkhead would stop these tragedies from occurring?

And, with throwing milkshakes at conservative politicians becoming all the rage with the unhinged left in the United Kingdom, Burger King’s British branch decided to get in on the fun by encouraging Her Majesty’s crazies. The fast food chain’s UK Twitter account boasted “Dear people of Scotland.  We’re selling milkshakes all weekend. Have fun. Love BK.”  While some critics blasted the restaurant chain for encouraging liberals to get more violent, others noted that throwing it out is the best thing you can do with a BK milkshake.  Too bad there’s no Chick-Fil-A in merrie olde England.