Thursday, May 16

“Yo! We got ‘merits!’ How many you want?”

“Yo! We got ‘merits!’ How many you want?”

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s decision to sign her state’s anti-abortion law has touched off howls of anger from the anti-life lobby.  Some have taken to warning the law would imprison rape victims, and even kill victims of incest.  What’s with all the lies? I thought the abortion lobby’s argument was based in logic and science. 

Ultimately, the debate continues to rage over when life begins.  Pro-life people continue to insist it’s the moment of conception, whereas anti-lifers insist it’s the moment the kid can successfully evade Dr. Gosnell.

As the drums of war begin to beat off in the distance, Democrats are racing to denounce President Donald Trump’s approach to dealing with Iran.  Obama minion Ben Rhodes, co-architect of the previous administration’s infamous “Iran Deal,” blasted Trump’s stance, saying it’s “rooted in lies.” As opposed to Rhodes’ big idea, which was rooted in pallets of American cash.

Liberals hit the roof of the casa when President Donald Trump announced a shift in immigration policy toward a more merit-based system.  "Merit-based immigration reform is wrong!" – The Democrats "We agree!" - ISIS and MS-13

Stacey Abrams may have lost the race for Georgia’s Governor, but she still has electoral dreams.  The 2018 peach state loser told MSNBC that she believes she could “enter the conversation as late as the fall and still have a chance to win.”  Win what? Can she be pretend President and pretend Governor at the same time?

Coming soon, high schoolers will have a new reason to sweat the SAT. The College Board has announced the addition of a new “adversity score” factor which will go into a student’s total score.  "Dear applicant, We regret to inform you that we cannot offer you admission to our institution. While your credentials are impeccable, you simply didn't have it rough growing up, so we gave your slot to a c-student who lives in a trailer park down the hill."