Global Warming

Green with Ennui: Global Warming and the Destruction of the Democrats’ Brand

Pictured: The calm before the catfight.

Pictured: The calm before the catfight.

I don’t want to say the Democrats bet their farm on the Mueller Report, but following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s admission that 2 years and $35 million didn’t knock President Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, the loyal opposition bumbled into this week like a teenager who just found out her prom date left with the homecoming queen.  Considering their current circumstances, it’s fairly clear that the Democrats failed to come up with a “plan b.” 

The party is wracked with infighting, with the old guard grappling for control with young upstarts like the seemingly ubiquitous Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).  That infighting was on full display Wednesday morning, when AOC visibly skipped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s photo-op to announce the introduction of House Resolution 9, a watered-down version of AOC’s “green new deal.”  Not long after Pelosi’s presser, AOC threw a shrieking tantrum over the elitist nature of her legislation, which Pelosi had already dismissed as a “dream.”

In the Senate, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the formation of a “Special Committee on the Climate Crisis.”  While the existence of a “climate crisis” is dubious, the existence of a Senate minority which is so terrified of global warming that they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for anti-global warming legislation – the “green new deal” lost 57-0 in the Senate, after 43 Democrats voted “present,” and 4 voted “hell no” – is painfully obvious.  Even more obvious is the fact that the Democrats’ heavyweights, who have certainly made plenty of noise over what they call a “climate crisis,” aren’t concerned enough about it to do more than form yet another committee to “study” it.

In the 3 days since word leaked that Mueller was going to clear the President of collusion with the Russians – simultaneously axe-murdering the left’s primary talking point – the port side politicos have managed to do absolutely nothing which even approaches proactive policy.  They’re too busy arguing over what to do about a crisis which people either don’t believe in, or don’t care all that much about, and who should lead whatever effort they finally decide upon.

Looking beyond their global warmist fantasies, the Democrats can fall back to their previous policy tentpole: anti-Semitism; a direction which has caused no shortage of intramural drama as Pelosi has tried to walk a high-wire between the rank-and-file, and the new stars like AOC and Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib, all of whom have made hating Jews a matter of record.

I doubt victory on the global warming front would have saved the Democrats.  I can almost promise anti-Semitism isn’t the savior some of them think it might be.  Their party is splintering between left, and far left, and their best hope for unity died when Mueller reduced the impeachment of President Trump from “Democratic Senate majority-unlikely” to “green new deal-level pipe dream.”

Old Man Yells at Sun

While the rest of us were struggling through hangovers and bowl games, Senator Bernie Sanders (C-VT) greeted the New Year with a dire warning: “We must look at climate change as if it were a devastating military attack against the United States and the entire planet. And we must respond accordingly.” 


While the old boy didn’t specify what that response should entail, I can’t help but notice that the single greatest impactor on the planet’s climate is the star around which it orbits.  Just think, if Bern had wormed his way into the White House 2 years ago, we’d be lobbing ICBMs at the Sun.

As if we needed a reminder that global warmists suck at science.

Global Warmists Gone Wild!


There was a time when Meet the Press was considered the gold standard of weekend chatfests.  Now, it’s just another dumping ground for Democrat Party talking points.

Chuckles the Clown turned his show over to Nancy Pelosi’s latest ploy, subjecting viewers to an entire hour of global warmist pseudoscience claptrap; even proudly crowing about denying airtime to anyone who doesn’t adhere to the party line. So what if 50 year of warmists’ predictions have been wrong?

Forget about the immigration crisis; tune in to watch Californistan Governor Jerry Brown yammer about the so-called “climate crisis,” but neglect to address how his “sanctuary” policies just got a cop murdered by an illegal alien.  Today on Meet the Press: Science class with Governor Cop Killer!

As an aside, calling people outside the cult of global warming “climate deniers” is no less ridiculous than global warming. 

Tim Russert would be appalled.

Tim Russert would be appalled.