Jerry Brown

unindicted co-conspirators

The illegal alien accused of murdering Officer Ron Singh of the Newman, CA police enjoyed a great deal of help evading justice, and all of it will make you angry.

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Gustavo Perez Arriaga, already in the United States illegally, was apprehended after a 2 day manhunt which caught up to him near Bakersfield, CA. Arriaga, who has been linked to the violent Surenos street gang, was apparently trying to run to Mexico, and got helping hands from no fewer than 7 people, all of whom are also illegally trespassing on American soil.

NOT facing justice for their role in Arriaga’s flight from justice: Democrats and associated hate groups who have not only fought efforts to rein in the invasion of violent illegal aliens, but have also actively obstructed them through so-called “sanctuary” laws. In Californistan, Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Kamala Harris, and many other statewide elected officials endorse protecting illegal aliens from consequences. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf even tipped off illegals to upcoming ICE sweeps, sheltering monsters like Arriaga so they can plan their next assault on decency without the hassle of visits from those pesky CBP agents.

People are being slaughtered in the streets by violent foreign invaders, and the left has cast their lot with the slaughterers. Where is the sanctuary for the slaughter-ees?

Global Warmists Gone Wild!


There was a time when Meet the Press was considered the gold standard of weekend chatfests.  Now, it’s just another dumping ground for Democrat Party talking points.

Chuckles the Clown turned his show over to Nancy Pelosi’s latest ploy, subjecting viewers to an entire hour of global warmist pseudoscience claptrap; even proudly crowing about denying airtime to anyone who doesn’t adhere to the party line. So what if 50 year of warmists’ predictions have been wrong?

Forget about the immigration crisis; tune in to watch Californistan Governor Jerry Brown yammer about the so-called “climate crisis,” but neglect to address how his “sanctuary” policies just got a cop murdered by an illegal alien.  Today on Meet the Press: Science class with Governor Cop Killer!

As an aside, calling people outside the cult of global warming “climate deniers” is no less ridiculous than global warming. 

Tim Russert would be appalled.

Tim Russert would be appalled.