Joe Knows Collusion

We’re screwed!

We’re screwed!

Maybe it’s because the takes have been flying hot’n’ready from the left’s commentary kitchen in the wake of the collapse of the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative.  Whether it’s Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) with her belief that “Just because there was not enough evidence for a criminal charge of conspiracy does not mean that there’s [not] a very cozy relationship that Donald Trump has with Vladimir Putin,” or Georgia gubernatorial also-ran Stacey Abrams comparing Attorney General William Barr’s summary of Mueller’s findings to “having your brother summarize your report card to your parents,” the Democrat denial machine has been cranking out so much volume, that sense has been drowned out by all the rending of garments and tearing of hair.  So, nobody heard MSNBC pundit Joe Scarborough offering up advice that the Democrats really ought to take:

Memo to Journalists: It is GOOD NEWS for America when someone as respected as Robert Mueller takes two years to methodically determine that the sitting president of the United States did not conspire with Russia. Take a breath.”

I don’t want to tell the Democrat/media complex how to run their circus, but when even your flying media monkeys think you might want to dial back on the crazy, you have some reevaluating to do.  Of course, when your remaining 2020 platform choices are either anti-Semitism, infanticide, or the eco-communist nonsense Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing, I suppose the time for reevaluating has long since passed.