jane curtin

Jane, You Ignorant Slut..

CNN billed their Times Square festivities on New Year’s Eve as an homage to journalism.  At no point during their self-congratulatory circus did they admit that the danger they claim to face exists almost entirely in between their ears.  While the Saudis might be sectioning activists like cord wood these days, President Donald Trump and the federal government have yet to harm a single American journalist.  And no, “hurting Jim Acosta’s feelings” does not qualify.


CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen tried hard to be “woke,” even doing shots of liquor on-air; because nothing says hip and cool like two middle-aged white guys getting sauced.  As odd as that was, I think we can all agree that Cohen is a vast improvement over Cooper’s previous sidekick, Kathy “Ginger Skeletor” Griffin.  But the Griffin-free CNN ‘cast found a way to recapture that old gray magic.  Someone managed to dig up the remains of SNL alum Jane Curtin, or at least, her mother.  The ancient ex-comedienne shared her best wishes for the New Year, “My New Year’s resolution is to make sure the Republican Party dies.”

Try to imagine the shrieking tantrums every liberal worth their tofu would pitch if someone told an international audience they were hoping for the extermination of the entire Democrat mob.  Now try to imagine if they expressed their hope on Fox News.  “Ear-splitting rage” doesn’t do the image justice.  But wishing for the demise of everyone to the right of Che’ Guevara = lulz!

Granted, Saturday Night Live’s oldest-looking living alum is hardly an A-list guest star.  But it’s kinda hard to take CNN’s hand-wringing over violence toward liberal journalists seriously when one of the faces of their network is yukking it up over the idea of violence toward everyone else.