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Tuesday, April 23

1/1024 of my ideas are good.

1/1024 of my ideas are good.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren is campaigning on free stuff for everyone.  The Massachusetts Democrat announced her administration would make healthcare and pre-K through college free, and would charge off Americans’ student loan debt, all by imposing a “2% tax on the wealthiest families in the country.”  For those of you who remember the 80s, that’s known as the “Underhill’s American Express Card” school of economics.  For those of you who remember anything, it’s known as “theft.”

  • While Warren plans to give away the house, Bernie Sanders has some interesting ideas as to whom to give it to.  The near-octogenarian communist from Vermont wants to ensure convicted felons and terrorists get their chance to dine at the taxpayer trough; informing the audience for CNN’s latest Democratic candidate forum that he thinks denying votes to people like the Boston Marathon bomber and the white supremacist who murdered 9 people in Charleston, S.C. is “suppression.”  As opposed to what they did, which is a lot more than just “suppressing votes.”

  • Senator Kamala Harris has her own plan to appeal to liberal voters.  The former California Attorney General – and current gun owner – says if she’s elected, she’ll give Congress “100 days..to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws, and if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action."  Her first executive action would need to be suspending the separation of powers, which will go about as well as her second one suspending the Bill of Rights. 

  • The watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Assistant FBI Director Bill Priestap told them while under oath that the bureau discovered nearly 50,000 emails Hillary Clinton tried to destroy, and they found them in the Executive Office of President Obama. The revelation disproves both Clinton’s protestations of innocence, and Obama’s claim that he only learned of her illegal communications through “news reports.”  “But her emails” reveal there was a lot more than “a smidgen of corruption” in the Obama administration.

  • The Washington Post is worried that there may be consequences from Sunday’s islamofascist bomb attack on Christians in Sri Lanka.  The Post fretted that the “Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far-right anger in the West.”  Freakin' far-right wingers, always <checks notes> angry at terrorists who bomb churches.

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced he intends to introduce a resolution naming a new town in the Golan Heights for President Trump.  And that, my friends, is how you own the libs.

  • Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett may be headed back to court.  The Osundairo brothers, whom Smollett paid to help him stage the now-infamous January hoax, have retained counsel, and are going to sue Smollett and his attorneys for defamation.  Damn Jussie.  That’s turning out to be one expensive Subway sandwich.

Monday, April 8

And I would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling infidels!

And I would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling infidels!

  • Federal authorities have apprehended muslim activist Rondell Henry, 28, of Germantown, Maryland, before he could use a stolen rental van to conduct an “ISIS-style” attack on pedestrians similar to the one a muslim activist used to murder nearly 100 and injure nearly 500 in Nice, France in 2016.  Henry’s failure has reportedly left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and their compatriots inconsolable.

  • Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s departure has the Democrats throwing rocks at her on the way out, blasting Nielsen for “putting kids in cages.”  The left’s smears have people wondering when they started caring about immigrant kids in cages.  That would be: January 20, 2017, at approximately 12:01pm EST; or about 3 years after Obama started doing it.

  • Liberals are outraged over President Donald Trump’s decision to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps – known to be behind hundreds of islamofascist terror attacks worldwide – as a “terrorist organization.”  They preferred Trump’s predecessor’s approach, which involved secretly airlifting them hundreds of billions of dollars.

  • The libs weren’t done finding reasons to keep the butthurt going.  They also lit into Trump over a year-old clip of him calling MS-13 thugs “animals,” claiming his characterization dehumanizes members of the notorious narcoterrorist cartel.  They rape and murder toddlers, so Imma keep calling them "animals."  But you do you, democrats.

  • Now that their Russian collusion narrative is cooked, the Democrats have reverted to a safe haven for the next round of talking points: Trump’s taxes.  Although their previous efforts in this area cost MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow whatever remained of her fleeting credibility, the left has decided to go back to demanding his tax returns.  And leading the charge: Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), whose own war on Trump has gone particularly badly of late.  "Welp, the Russian collusion narrative is cooked. What else we got?”  "Umm - we can always go back to the tax return bit." "*sigh* get Schiff to do it. That idiot will say anything."

  • Failed Senate candidate, and current Democrat Presidential aspirant, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke has decided to cast his lot with the new anti-Semitic wing of the Democrat Party.  According to O’Rourke, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a “racist” who doesn’t “represent the true will of the Israeli people.”  I know when I want to understand the motivations of an Israeli jew, I turn to a wealthy, Irish-American dude who's pretending to be Latino.

  • Former President Barack Obama’s “Apologizing for America” Tour hit Berlin like the Red Army, with Obama informing an audience: "Europe in 2019 in some ways has achieved the pinnacle of human well-being."  The disgraced ex-President failed to note Europe’s rising tide of islamofascist terrorism, and new policies of jailing people for expressing opinions counter to the governments facilitating it.  “You say that like it’s a BAD thing.” – Obama, probably.

  • Caught up in the Jussie Smollett hoax isn’t a problem for disgraced Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.  Foxx, under fire for bending to political pressure to give Smollett a pass for his byzantine pay raise negotiation tactic, unsurprisingly resorted to accusing her critics of “racism,” although many of her chief critics are decidedly non-white.  Sure Kim; that Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson is a notorious racist. Go with that.

  • And, in entertainment news, CNN pundit Don Lemon, best known for describing white men as America’s “biggest terror threat,” is engaged to be married – to a white guy.  Gives a whole new meaning to “sleeping with the enemy.”

Thursday, March 28

Stacey said “no.” What are you up to for the next few years?

Stacey said “no.” What are you up to for the next few years?

  • If you were hoping a Joe Biden/Stacey Abrams ticket would rescue the Democrats’ 2020 electoral hopes, your hopes may be dashed.  Abrams nixed the idea personally during an appearance on the tv gabfest “The View,” telling the audience “You don’t run for second place..If I’m going to enter a primary, then I’m going to enter a primary.”  Don’t cry, Democrats.  Don’t think of it as losing a ticket, think of it as gaining another loser. 

  • During his CNN “town hall,” Presidential candidate and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker regaled the carefully selected crowd with a variety of leftist applause lines, including this howler: “FACT: More Americans have been killed by guns than have lost their lives in all of our nation’s wars combined.”  CNN’s carefully selected host, liberal pundit Don Lemon, failed to correct Booker, so I will.  FACT: No human has ever been killed by guns.  Also a FACT: You're gonna lose, T-bone.

  • Booker also held forth on healthcare, pushing the liberal talking point of “Medicare for all”: "This is a broken system."  Odd, because I seem to remember Obama fixing it a few years back.

  • Creepy ex-porn lawyer Michael Avenatti has fallen a long way from his day as a contender for the Democrats’ 2020 nomination.  According to court records, Avenatti is "financially unable to employ counsel," and will rely on court-appointed, taxpayer-funded, counsel.  Avenatti wants us to believe he went from advertising on park benches to sleeping on one.

  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s attempts to slither out of the Jussie Smollett hoax are falling a little flat.  The embattled DA told an interviewer that her decision to allow Smollett to escape consequences for the hate crime hoax he tried to use to boost his salary is an example of what she called “alternative prosecution.”  Yeah, that sounds way better than “letting him off because he’s rich, gay, black man with powerful friends.”

  • But Foxx has nothing on Smollett's attorney, Tina Glandian.  Glandian told the “Today Show” that the alleged attackers may have been “wearing whiteface.”  Chicago PD immediately issued a BOLO alert for invisible mimes.

  • Disgraced ex-Attorney General Eric Holder not only doesn’t like the direction of the country, he never did. The convicted liar told liberal talking points outlet MSNBC that he’d like to hear Trump supporters explain "Exactly when did you think America was great?" But Mr. Fast’n’Furious didn’t anticipate some of the responses, notable Vice President Mike Pence, who noted Washington crossing the Delaware, Iwo Jima, Dr. Martin Luther King’s Lincoln Memorial address, and the moon landing as examples of American greatness.  Damn! Last time I saw Holder get pwned like that, he got caught selling guns to the Sinaloa Cartel.

  • An overflow crowd of immigrants has overwhelmed Border Patrol personnel at the El Paso, Texas station, forcing them to temporarily house people in the station’s parking lot.  The move has drawn outrage from liberal amnesty activists like anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who called it “a reflection of what white nationalism is doing to our country.”  Omar failed to explain how “white nationalists” lured people to the border with empty promises, nor did she address the fact that she wouldn’t have cared if they replaced the immigrants with Jews.

How Jussie Smollett Escaped Justice

Don’t worry Jussie. We got this.

Don’t worry Jussie. We got this.

Did Jussie Smollett escape consequences for staging a hate crime hoax because he’s black?  Did he get away with an outrageous fabrication, one which added fuel to the smoldering racial discontentment in the United States, because he’s gay?  Did he walk away from the most byzantine salary negotiation of all time because he’s a celebrity?  Or, did he dodge justice for inciting the liberal rage mob against the wrong people because he’s politically connected?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding “yes!” If Jussie Smollett was a straight, white, marginally famous, conservative, male, he’d be facing the toughest prosecution since Nuremberg.  Given the preponderance of evidence, video of the Osundairo brothers buying items used in the faked attack, Smollett’s bizarre story, and even the check by which he paid his co-conspirators, even the OJ jury would have sent him to the big house to think about what he’s done.

A good friend of mine, one who happens to be smarter than I, told me “Jussie Smollett is the gay OJ.”  She’s not wrong, but she’s not going far enough.  Smollett isn’t skating merely because he’s gay, nor because he’s black, rich, or famous.  Jussie Smollett is getting away with it because he not only checks all the “woke” boxes, he knows all the “woke” people. 

I can’t say with certainty that Smollett’s “get out of jail free” card was stamped by powerful friends like Barack and Michelle Obama.  But I can attest with absolute confidence that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s angry press conference expressing dismay over what he called a “whitewash” of justice suggests somebody higher on the food chain leaned into the case.  It takes a hell of a hammer to force a guy like Emanuel to sputter with impotent rage in his own city.  The list of people who tote a tool that heavy is pretty short, and the Obamas are definitely near the top.

I actually don’t care what happens to Jussie Smollett.  Let him go back to his little tv show, do the usual “comeback” interviews with the usual tabloids and tv chat shows, and maybe even pick up an Emmy from an appreciative Hollywood.  The lesson from this sordid saga is much larger than some guy whose name, until 2 months ago, followed “also starring” in the credits.  A black, gay, celebrity, liberal put together a scam involving a sandwich, a noose, two Nigerians, and 8 weeks of the Democrat/media complex smearing everyone to the right of Che’ Guevara; all to score a bump in his already-6-figure salary.  And he got away with it, because he knows all the right (left) people.